8 Must-Try Sweets You Are Majorly Missing If You Haven’t Tried Them Yet!

sweets and jellies

Remember, good old school times? Eating the scrumptious sweets and jellies? Well, guess what? You can still enjoy them. Yes, you have read it right! Or even you have a sweet tooth, it time to treat it right. Sweet treats direct, an online sweet shop, is there to satisfy your urge for eccentric yet delectable sweets.

Disclaimer: You would have to hide it from your kids. They are so yummy to be shared!

1. Chocolate Jazzies

These yummy chocolate discs covered with sprinkles would satisfy your rich chocolate cravings but also a treat to the kid in you. Don’t be ashamed; we all love sprinkles, after all. Who doesn’t? Thanks to Sweet treats direct for coming up with retro sweet and restoring the memories. Blame Kingsway chocolate jazzies if you are unable to stop yourself from eating it. We have you warned.

Kingsway Chocolate Jazzies

2. Popping Candy

Is this confession time? We all have tried busters or exploding candies in our childhood. Let’s be honest; we miss them. But no more! Fizz Wiz popping candy, a strawberry flavoursome sweet. A spark you were missing in your life. These Retro sweets are bringing back old fashioned sweets. Sweet treats direct have so many retro sweets range that you would be bewildered maybe because you are unaware of the pick and mix option.

Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

3. Crazy Candy Lances

Remember the threadlike candies? Sweet treats direct offering you that too. A little surprise, it freaking available in two succulent flavours: strawberry and blue raspberry. Which one is your favourite? Or pick both.

Strawberry Lances

4. Floral Gums

You must have tried the soap lips, haven’t you? These squirrel floral gums are the other version of those. It’s just difficult to keep a record of how many you popped in your mouth altogether.

Squirrel Floral Gums
Squirrel Floral Gums

5. Chocolate Coins

Times might have changed, and you might prefer the gold coins now, but let’s just say it loud. Chocolate coins still do have a special place in our hearts. Kingsway chocolate coins, a quick memory flip to the childhood days.

Kingsway Chocolate Coins

6. Sherbet Lemon

Do you recall those times we would always ponder why candy manufacturers make such candies that you don’t like eating at that time? Now we know. They were for elders. Don’t you like them now? Of course, you do! Kingsway sherbet lemon, a sour lemon flavour perfect elderly candy.

Kingsway Sherbet Lemons

7. Bonbons

Kingsway Bonbons offered in multiple tastes: strawberry, lemon, and blue raspberry. We saw your confusion right there on the face as to which one to choose. Not to worry, we have an incredible offer of pick n mix boxes. Choose the ones you like or add all the flavours; it’s up to you.

Kingsway Blue Raspberry Bonbons

8. Wine Gums

The Kingsway Wine gums are yet another retro sweets you have been longing for. They are tiny, so be informed you can lose the track of how many you popped in your mouth at once. It can be mixed with other jelly and chew ranges like Kingsway dolly mixture, lions fruit salad, sugar-free fruit salad, or Haribo freaky fish. The choice is yours; add your favorites sweets and jellies in pick n mix buckets and have an endless experience of sweets. With the exquisite range of sweets and candies, Sweet treats direct is everyone’s favorite online candy shop. Have you got your hands on the quirky sweets alone or in the pick n mix pouches?

Kingsway Wine Gums

So what are you waiting for? Order now sweets and jellies and get your sweets delivered at your footsteps.