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THE online sweet shop for all of your Pick and Mix delivery needs. With Over 100 Different Sweets to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Posted Sweets Anywhere in the UK.

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Welcome to Sweet Treats Direct – THE online sweet shop for all of your Pick and Mix delivery needs. Everyone needs a sweet treat in their lives! We stock a wide sweet treat selection of old fashioned retro sweets, sugar free, vegetarian and vegan sweets. From milk chocolate covered raisins to liquorice allsorts, chewy sweet candy in the form of jellies and gummies such as Haribo Cola Bottles. Don’t forget the old time favourites like flying saucers, sherbet lemons and imperial mints. pick and mix delivery made easy. Order sweets direct to your door!

If you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does, our gift boxes, retro sweet hampers or sweet gifts make a birthday present everyone will love then look no further!

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Traditional Retro Sweets

Take yourself back down memory lane with a sweet treat! Luckily many of the original, established confectionery makers in the UK are still around today. Many have been in the UK sweets business for years, still producing sweets in the vintage, traditional methods just like you remember. Indulge in a little nostalgia.

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From £1.29
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Individual Pick and Mix Sweets

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From £1.19

Sweets Delivered Anywhere in the UK

If you are looking to buy chocolates or sweets online, we’ve got you covered. With 100’s of sweet treats, hampers and boxes online including both modern and retro sweets for you to buy. We don’t compromise with cheap sweets. We only stock the big named brands with quality you can trust for a great, low price. Plus we offer fast and free sweet delivery in the UK when you spend £19.99 or more.

Why not check out the quality sweets we’ve got in stock today from original brands such as Haribo, Kingsway, Barratt, Swizzels and many more.

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Sweet Treats Direct Online Sweet Shop: Home of Pick and Mix

Sweet Treats Direct was formed from our love of sweets. Our online sweet shop sells all your childhood favourites. All available for as little as £1 per bag. With literally 100’s of different sweets in stock, we have almost everything you can ever wish for in stock and ready for delivery. From bonbonsfruit salads & black jacks to more modern sweets such as the new Fizzy Tongue Painter Dummies from Kingsway Confectionary.

Gone are the days where you used to pop down to your local corner shop after school to spend your left over pocket money on 1p penny sweet chews or a 10p wham bar but luckily we’ve replicated this experience for you in our online store. We stock all the classic retro sweets from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

The Great British people are known the world over for their sweet tooth but hey, who’s counting!? We began Sweet Treats Direct to bring back that great feeling so we decided to offer the very best retro sweets of which you can remember from your childhood. Our main aim is to make them available to everyone all over the UK and nationwide via our delivery service.

Most of our range of sweets, including your favourite jelly or fizzy sweets are available in 100g bags from as little as £1. This means more selection and variety, all of which great value for without breaking the bank.

Before general release sale on our website we insist on taste testing for “quality” purposes. This can be more of a challenge in itself with the moreish varieties out there such as dolphin sweets or Haribo Rhubarb and Custard!

All our goodies are available to order from our website via a safe and secure checkout. Sit back, relax and have your sweets delivered to your door within a few days. This means you could be thinking about sweets on a Monday morning and by Wednesday you can be sat on your sofa wondering which you are going to eat first!

Our range of sweet jars, boxes, pouches and gifts are perfect for any event such as Mother’s Day , Father’s DayEasterHalloween and Christmas. So, if you are looking to enjoy some sugary sweetie goodness, feel free shop through our website, choose your favourite pick and mix sweets and chocolates, add them to your basket and complete your order. We accept all major credit and debit card payments as well as PayPal so it has never been easier to order some sweet treats.

We pride ourselves in the speed we can turn around your order in. Fastest in the north for sure! There has been hundreds of online sweet shops popping up ever since lockdown but most are run from home with little or no experience in handling your order or incorrect storage of food. Our reviews are important to use and we want to offer all of our customers the best possible experience when shopping with us. They are sweets after all! Feel free to check out some of our excellent comments on Trustpilot, products reviewed by our very own customers. We have been rated excellent for our great service and quality products. We love each and every one of you!

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Do you sell a quarter of sweets?

The traditional way of buying sweets from a sweet shop back in the 50s,60s,70s,80s and even 90s is by weight. This was known as ‘a quarter of’, which is 1/4 of a pound in old fashioned weighing methods before the metric system.

A quarter of a pound or a half pound measure was the most typical requests for any shop keeper and this was the standard method of weighing out your tasty treats. You might even still see this in your local fruit and veg markets. Most stores phased out the old fashioned imperial system in the late 90s when it changed to metric (grams and kilos). With the change metric, the death of aquarterof sweets began as sweets were now sold per 100g weigh outs instead.

A quarter of sweets weighs 113g in new money was an easy way to weigh out treats on the old fashioned scales which was the unit of measurements they used.

Our sweet bags are available in 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg or 3kg bulk bags varying from sweet and brand. Most of our bags are now packaged by manufacturer so we are pleased to say that you will be the first person to handle your sweets since they were produced. Due to the volume of sweets we buy we are able to offer them to you at a great, cheap price all year round.

How is my Candy Delivered?

Posted Sweets has never been easier to get your sticky hands on. We dispatch orders daily from our online store so getting your candy delivered to you is not a problem at all. All of our orders are sent in the post via either Royal Mail or DPD Express next working day services. No MyHermes Here! Generally, all of our orders are delivered with 1 – 3 working days depending on the shipping service.

Loads of local sweet delivery services are popping up and most are run from home and do not last very long. We are serious about what we do and certainly not a here today gone tomorrow operation like many companies we have seen spring up. Online confectionary is our business and getting candy delivered to your door is what we do.

Our website works like any other online stores such as Handy Candy. Simply browse the site, add the sweets you want to buy to your online shopping basket and then visit the checkout page. Once you are at the checkout page you can select your delivery address where you want the sweets to be posted to and then pay via PayPal or card payment. We then receive your order and get it ready for delivery and few days later your candy delivered as arrived. So, whether you buy sweets from Retro Sweet Shop, Treasure Island Sweets, Amazon, eBay or any other online sweet shop we hope you enjoy your purchase but remember Sweet Treats Direct is here to satisfy your sweet hunger!

If you are looking for The Sweet Store that offers best prices, top quality sweets and unbelievable service then you have found the right store.